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In nature, no two things are exactly alike. The patterns, textures and colors of life are infinite. We believe the same truth exists in dermatologic care: each patient presents a unique combination of life circumstances and health conditions that can only be understood when viewed as a whole.

Led for 30 years by board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist Henry E. Wiley, III, M.D., we offer our patients complete dermatologic care, specializing in skin cancers, moles and complicated skin conditions.

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Always seeking to understand the bigger picture within the context of each patient’s overall health, Dr. Wiley couples his extensive clinical experience with keen attention to detail. This comprehensive approach enables him to uncover hidden clues that can lead to effective treatment of difficult problems or insights that can lead to potentially life-saving diagnoses. It also enables him to devise a personalized treatment plan, while showing a genuine respect and concern for the patient.

The best solution to each patient’s dermatologic problem requires medical knowledge, experience, wisdom and insight. But attention to detail brings that together to make it work.

Dr. Wiley's practice of medicine is heavily influenced by his perspective on life and his appreciation of nature. Click here to learn more about how Dr. Wiley's photography offers a lens for learning more about this personal side of him.

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"To me contemplating and sharing the beauty and mystery of flowers can sometimes reveal deeper dimensions of reality.  That process is similar to what goes on in the scientific practice of medicine.  As a doctor it is always important to look beyond the surface and to be open to the new and unexpected."

– Henry E. Wiley, III, M.D.